Three-{Dimensional} {Calculation} of {Temperature} in a {Rotating} {Disk} {Subjected} to an {Eccentric} {Circular} {Heat} {Source} and {Surface} {Cooling}

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TitreThree-{Dimensional} {Calculation} of {Temperature} in a {Rotating} {Disk} {Subjected} to an {Eccentric} {Circular} {Heat} {Source} and {Surface} {Cooling}
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsAlilat N, Baïri A, Laraqi N
JournalNumerical Heat Transfer, Part A: Applications
Date Publishedjul

This article derives, for the first time, an appropriate analytical solution for the calculation of three-dimensional temperature distribution inside a rotating disk subjected to an eccentric circular heat source and surface cooling. This problem is encountered in, among others, the pin-on-disk frictional device, thrust ball bearing, or machining in a lathe. In order to obtain this solution under an explicit and simple form, we assume that the cooling occurs over the whole frictional surface of the disk, including the heated region. A numerical study, using the finite-volume method, is also conducted in order to define the limits of validity of the above assumption. It is shown that the analytical solution is accurate for a wide range of heat convection coefficients ( h ≤ 1,000 W/m2K for high Peclet numbers and h ≤ 5,000 W/m2K for low ones).